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Let's bitch about some shit

So here we are in our fancy monocle-wearing gentleman's club. What better way to christen this community than a tirade about Robot Chicken?

Robot Chicken is the worst show I have ever seen. It's like they took that shitty Mad TV claymation and added the stunning anti-talent of Seth Green. The result is nothing short of a war crime.

Here is how you make a Robot Chicken sketch. Take a wacky concept. Now add a pop culture reference from the 80's to pander to the Family Guy demographic. Voltron got Served! The Passion of the Lion-O! One of the Ninja Turtles being the pope or something. I don't know. If it's on a shirt at Hot Topic, run with it.

Now that you have your half baked idea, squeeze every fucking drop out of it. Just keep squeezing. I don't care if the idea wasn't funny the first time, it needs to fill 5 minutes! Why isn't it filling 5 minutes? It took 5 minutes to write! JUST. KEEP. SQUEEZING.

Well, now that we have stretched Ewoks Gone Wild! out to a length eclipsing the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, it's time to end this travesty. But how? How about making it a PSA! That's always good for a laugh, right? (If PSA does not work, just make one of the Ewoks shoot all the other ones. Make sure there is lots of blood and some bleeped out swears. It worked for Sealab, right?)

What really pisses me off about Robot Chicken is that people never review the show on fair terms. All the reactions I read are just people going "Optimus Prime! Oldschool! Hey, was that Bumblebee, too?" Everyone is so distracted by the nostalgia, they don't notice that the show is less funny than a rejected Sealab episode.

I remember a time, long ago, when the Brak Show was the worst show on Adult Swim. Not that it was a bad show, but Adult Swim was just that good. Nowadays I think Brak would be one of the best shows on AS. Thank Christ for Tom Goes to the Mayor and Venture Bros.

Anyways, welcome to the community everyone.

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