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Welcome assholes!

This is the first post in the newly christened group, theangrydome. This group is an elite off-shoot of adultswimfans, where old-timers can gather to pine about the good old days of adult swim, and to bitch about all the pop culture-referencing crap that adult swim now airs, which will be completely unfunny to everyone in 5 years (like watching old episodes of SNL, repeated a million times over). We also hate Seth McFarlane, both the man and as the person responsible for churning out his continuous stream of crap.

Prospective new members should first reply with a comment to this post that they wish to join the group. They should then proceed to join the group. It is important to place your comment, as that will determine your membership number. The member number masterlist is available in this very special, friends-only post to theangrydome.
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